Sadly, traumatic brain injuries are among the common injuries in T-bone, side-impact, and broadside collisions in Atlanta and across this nation. Because of the force and position of the impact in T-bone accidents, motorists are more likely to suffer damage to the spine or the brain. In fact, side-impact crashes have a three times higher likelihood of causing traumatic brain injury than do other types of crashes, according to a study published by the University of Rochester.

When a vehicle is hit in its side, the human head and body are pushed in different directions, which results in serious injuries, permanent disabilities, or fatalities. According to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 51 to 74 percent of fatalities in T-bone collisions are the result of traumatic brain injuries. What both these studies reveal is that better head protection in vehicles may help to reduce traumatic brain injuries.

Other drivers who may be injured in a side-impact accident in Atlanta should know to always get checked out by medical professionals after an accident of this nature, even if they don’t show initial symptoms of brain injury. Unfortunately, T-bone accidents do cause traumatic brain injuries and fatalities.

When we all do our part to drive safely and responsibly, crashes of this nature will be reduced because drivers will be less likely to run red lights, pull out in front of other vehicles, and behave negligently.

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