When someone suffers an injury after being a Georgia DUI accident victim, he may feel helpless, depressed, anti-social, powerless, or angry. He even may feel misunderstood and frustrated with those close to him. Family members may not know what to do for their suffering loved one.

If your husband is injured, try not to be a caretaker. Although you will want to take care of him, encourage him to take care of himself as much as possible and be there to assist him. By being a nurturer and offering your assistance, he may heal faster by learning to do things for himself and feel more in control of his own life. Of course, be aware of his limitations and when your assistance really is needed.

If someone else was killed in the wreck, understand that your husband may have feelings of guilt. Although he didn’t cause the crash, he may feel guilty that he lived and someone else died. In a situation like this, sometimes your reassuring presence is all he needs. Encourage him to think through his feelings rationally, explaining that the fault lies with the drunk driver.

Additionally, encourage your husband to express his feelings and emotions either to you or with a counselor. It is far better to talk about emotions than to bury them inside. Remember to never say “you shouldn’t feel that way” to your husband.

Do not make light of his situation by minimizing it or trying to ignore what happened to him. If he wants to, allow him to tell and retell what he experienced. However, be aware that if your husband continually retells the story over a long period of time, he may be stuck in the grieving process. If this is the case, you should encourage him to see a counselor.

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