It is never too late to talk with your children about safety while walking in areas where automobile traffic occurs. You may have already taught your son to look both ways before crossing the street when he was young; however, teenagers often think they are invincible. It is a great time to remind your son about pedestrian safety. 

Additionally, teenagers are on their cell phones more than ever before. Remind your son that tweeting, texting while walking, emailing, or checking the Internet or Facebook is not worth his life. Some additional talking tips on pedestrian safety include:

  • Put away your phone while walking.
  • Only cross the street with permitting traffic signals.
  • Follow road rules; don’t cross the street on a red light.
  • Make eye contact with the driver of the approaching car before crossing.
  • Walk on sidewalks and not in the street.

While your teenage son may already know about these pedestrian safety rules, he may think that nothing will happen to him by talking on the phone or texting while walking. Remind him that he can become more vulnerable by participating in distracted walking and encourage him to put down his phone while walking so he can avoid being hurt in an Atlanta pedestrian accident. 

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