Although it seems like an awkward conversation to have, it is a great idea to have a conversation with your parents about estate planning. Instead of asking what they are going to leave you when they pass away, you should begin the conversation by asking for advice. Most parents love giving their children advice and imparting their wisdom to their kids, so your parents will probably feel the same.

If you have any life changes occurring like a new job, marriage, new home, or baby on the way, you can use these examples to ask your parents what they did when they were in your situation. Questions to ask your parents could include:

  • Did you create a will and a trust?
  • How did you guys decide on guardians?
  • How did you determine your beneficiaries?

These are great starter questions to begin a conversation about estate planning in Georgia. Also, you can ask your parents if they’ve thought about what one of them would do if something happened to the other one. By showing your parents that you are genuinely concerned for them and their well-being, the conversation should go well.

If you determine when talking with them that they do not have a trust and a will, you should recommend that they should consider estate planning to make sure they would each be taken care of if something happened to the other. Although it’s a sensitive subject, it is better to discuss this topic rather than ignore it.

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