Sadly, many Georgia car accidents end up in flames, and many burn injury victims are Georgia DUI victims. When a violent crash engulfs a car in flames, a victim can suffer severe and painful injuries. While some victims suffer life-threatening injuries, others succumb to their injuries. 

For those victims who live after a car fire, they need serious compensation for their serious burn injuries. Burn injury victims will need surgery, rehabilitation, ongoing medical treatment, and even counseling to deal with their damages and life-altering injuries. 

Burn injury victims need compensation for their hospitalization costs, medical bills, surgical bills like skin graft surgery and plastic surgery, rehabilitation costs, counseling costs, other out-of-pocket expenses, and lost wages. Burn injury victims may also be due compensation for their pain and suffering and emotional distress. 

Because burn injuries are severe and cause infection, dehydration, shock, internal injuries, and even kidney failure, burn injury victims need the best medical and legal teams possible to make sure they can make the best physical and financial recovery possible. 

For help making sure you or a loved one gets serious representation to collect a fair recovery for serious injuries, call the Law Offices of Shane Smith today. Georgia drunk driving accident victims and burn injury victims need someone on their side who has represented victims in similar situations and knows how to protect their rights, preserve evidence, and negotiate to get fair compensation. Call Peachtree City accident attorney Shane Smith today at (770) 487-8999 for a free consultation.

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