Pedestrian safety is everyone’s responsibility, which includes drivers, pedestrians, and local and state officials. When everyone does their part, fewer Norcross pedestrian accidents, injuries, and fatalities will occur. However, the Gwinnett Village Community Improvement District (CID) has been working on several developments to make bicycle and pedestrian routes safer, especially for the Jimmy Carter Boulevard and Indian Trail Road corridors in the greater Norcross area.

Currently there are 71 projects the Gwinnett Village CID has plans for; however, six of the projects are on a five-year action plan due to their priority, with intentions to start some of these improvements this year. Some of the top priorities include:

  • South Norcross Tucker Road – Many people cross this street mid-block without a signal, and it has been an area with a high number of pedestrian crashes. The plan is for a median or a crossing mid-block to keep pedestrians safe.
  • Harbins Road – The plan is to add sidewalks so pedestrians in this residential neighborhood can access the bus stop on South Norcross Tucker Road.
  • Jimmy Carter at Oakbrook Parkway and North Nodes –Bicycle and pedestrian lanes and sidewalks in the area will be enhanced. In addition, plans call for connecting Buford Highway and the city of Norcross and Peachtree Corners.
  • Multi-use trail – The plan provides a bicycle and pedestrian trail to connect Norcross to Lilburn from Georgia Belle Court in Norcross to Killian Hill in Lilburn.

The Gwinnett Village CID has posted the Norcross pedestrian safety plans online.

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