Georgia DUI victims do face financial stresses after being hit by a drunk driver. The reality is that a car crash can cause a lifetime of pain, which in turn can create a lifetime of medical expenses, including bills for doctor visits, surgeries, physical therapy, medications and more. 

After being hit by a drunk driver in Georgia, you need to seek medical care immediately to determine the extent of your injuries. Your financial settlement will be based, in part, on the extent of your injuries.  For instance, a disabling injury would cause a victim to collect compensation for future medical bills, in-home care, lost income, and more. If it is a minor injury, victims should still receive compensation for vehicle damages, medical expenses, lost wages due to time off of work, any out-of-pocket expenses and more. 

Being a victim of a DUI crash in Georgia can leave you with financial worries. This is why lawyers skilled in this area of the law can advise you on what your settlement should be and the things for which you should be compensated for your specific injury. 

At the Law Offices of Shane Smith, our Georgia DUI injury attorneys advocate for you and fight insurance companies to get you the most compensation you deserve. Our job is to help you through this process, explain the steps along the way, fight for what is just, and get you a financial recovery that will compensate you for your injuries and the wrongdoing you suffered.

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