Injured by a big rig? Contact a Peachtree City truck accident attorney to learn if you have the right to file a claim. 

The following are some car safety tips that could help avoid a truck accident: 

  • don’t cut off a semi (even if you are at risk of missing a turn or exit);
  • avoid driving in the truck’s blind spot (you should be able to see the side mirrors, assume that if you can’t see the driver, he or she can’t see you);
  • if you witness unsafe truck driving, such as swerving, contact the authorities;
  • when a truck turns right, don’t attempt to pass on the right side;
  • allow a safe distance between your vehicle and the truck in front of you (especially when traveling at higher speeds or during inclement weather);
  • never cut in front of a truck;
  • before passing a truck, look to make sure it hasn’t signaled to go left or right; and
  • when it is safe to pass, gradually accelerate, keeping a consistent speed, but don’t pull in front until you can see the truck in your rearview mirror. 

Being aware of what the truck is doing and taking extra precautions can make for a safer trip. Although the truck drivers are the ones on the road professionally, as opposed to most people who do not drive specifically for a company, they make mistakes too. The best offense is a good defense, when driving around big rigs. 

Seeking Help from a Peachtree City Truck Accident Attorney 

You may have done your part to ensure safety while driving. However, if a truck driver acted in a careless or reckless manner and caused you to suffer injuries, you could be eligible to receive compensation. 

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