The biggest difference between these two types of Georgia premises liability claims is the hazardous conditions involved. In slip and fall accidents, a person’s foot loses traction due to a wet floor, slippery surface, or spilled liquid. With a step and fall accident in Georgia, a person’s foot steps into something such as a hidden hole in the surface.

In either event, a person could fall to the ground and suffer serious injuries due to these hazardous conditions. No matter what the accident is called—slip and fall or step and fall—people who get injured on someone else’s property due to dangerous conditions have rights to pursue a premises liability claim in Georgia.

Step and fall and slip and fall accidents can occur on private property or public property, and many different parties could be involved (e.g., grocery store, city, county, landlord, business owner etc.). If a property owner or property possessor knew about the hazardous condition and didn’t do anything to repair it or to warn others about the danger, or if they should have known about the dangerous condition, they could be held liable.

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