Truck "no zones" refer to areas surrounding an 18-wheeler that are especially dangerous for other vehicles.  Cars in these areas are at an increased risk of a Georgia trucking accident.
"No zones" include:
1.  The area directly behind the semi-truck:  If your vehicle is directly behind a large commercial truck, you are at risk for two reasons.  First of all, the truck driver cannot see your vehicle, and second, you are at risk of crashing into and under the back of the truck if it stops suddenly. 
2. The area directly in front of an 18-wheeler: Because of their size and weight, it takes time for a big rig to stop.  If you must make a sudden stop, the 18-wheeler may rear-end your vehicles and cause a deadly Georgia override accident.
3.  The areas located diagonally behind the truck on the left and right sides: These are large blind spots where a truck driver may not see be able to see your vehicle.  Take care when passing.

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