Broken arms, wrists, legs, and ankles are common Georgia pedestrian injuries. Even though these injuries are common, innocent pedestrians still need to be compensated for broken bones. Not only can a broken limb be painful and debilitating, but the bills related to this type of injury can add up quickly. Expenses that you should be compensated for include:

  • Emergency room visits
  • X-rays and other tests
  • Doctor’s visits
  • Surgery or casting
  • Loss of income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life if the break caused permanent loss of function

When function is impaired, you may be entitled to more damages, and an experienced Peachtree City pedestrian injury lawyer can help evaluate your case worth so that you can collect the maximum compensation possible. A skilled personal injury lawyer can determine your case value by talking with your doctors, evaluating the facts, and analyzing the evidence surrounding the accident and your injuries.

The extent of your injuries and the losses you incurred, such as lost income and loss of function, will impact the financial damages that you may be entitled to receive. Pedestrians with severe damages, such as nerve damage or lifetime impairment, will receive more compensation than pedestrians with minor bone breaks.

Before you settle your own claim with the insurance company, consult with a skilled accident attorney to find out how much your case may be worth. Get your legal questions answered here from Georgia personal injury lawyer Shane Smith and call us today at 770-HURT-999 for a free consultation.

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