Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Can Hold Liable Parties Culpable 

The at-fault party is responsible for damages and injuries incurred in a pedestrian accident; this could be the driver of a truck, car or motorcycle, the pedestrian themself, or both parties at once. You also may consider enlisting an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney to help you file a claim against the driver, vehicle manufacturer or other party involved to recoup more of the costs you’ve incurred. 

Drivers and pedestrians are expected to exercise reasonable care when using and sharing roadways. If either party failed to act accordingly, they could be held liable or partially liable for the accident. 

In the event that the driver is found to be at-fault, their insurance coverage will pay for damages and medical bills for the pedestrian involved. In Georgia, drivers are required to carry a liability insurance minimum of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. 

This means, if you’re a pedestrian and are struck by a car, your injuries and damages are covered up to at least $25,000, if the driver was in accordance with state law. 

After $25,000, you may need to use your healthcare benefits to recover the rest of the costs or, if you carry medical payments or your own personal injury protection coverage, this could go toward your damages as well.

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