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     Car Insurance companies have come up with their own terminology to describe a certain type of cases.  They call these car accidents MIST, M.I.S.T. or Minor Impact Soft Tissue cases.  These are car accidents where the property damage falls below a certain threshold.  This only applies to your vehicle and not the amount of damage to their insured's car.  The amount of property damage that they use varies from insurance company to insurance company but it is usually somewhere around $1200 to $1500 in damage.  Some types of car accidents should not be called MIST cases.  These are car accidents where their are multiple vehicles involved - a three or more car accident.  Another case that is inappropriate is a submarine case - where one car goes underneath another vehicle.   If anyone in the vehicle suffers a broken bone, brain injury or some other serious injury then the case is ineligible for MIST status.  If your case is classified as a MIST case then in order for you to receive fair compensation for your injuries, medical care and treatment, pain and suffering and any lost wages, you will definitly need to contact a lawyer to help you.

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