Emotions tend to run high after an Atlanta car accident. The situation is sudden, stressful—and someone you love may be seriously injured. A “road rage” driver will often be agitated even after the accident occurs, and it is an easy thing to blame the other driver, even if he wasn’t at fault.
The best thing to do if a driver tries to confront you after an accident is to remain calm and keep your head clear. If the other driver reacts violently or tries to take matters into his own hands, there are a few things you can do while you wait for police to arrive:

  • Lock your doors and roll up the windows. 
  • Call 911, showing the other driver the phone to warn him that police are coming 
  • If you feel that your safety or the safety of your passengers is threatened, leave the scene.
  • If the driver produces a gun or picks up a blunt object, leave the scene.



  • Roll the windows down.
  • Exit your car. 
  • Make any aggressive moves, such as yelling or sudden gestures. 
  • Attempt to overpower the driver until police arrive.

As experienced Atlanta personal injury attorneys, we know that car accident victims are suffering severe emotional trauma after an accident. But nothing gives a driver the right to physically attack another person, and doing so could affect your Georgia car accident settlement.
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