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What is a Georgia Personal Injury Claim?


     A personal injury claim can also be called a bodily injury claim.  This is where you are injured through no fault of your own.  This means that someone else’s negligence caused you to be hurt.  This normally takes place when you are involved in a car accident or become injured on someone else’s property.  This is a slip and fall.
     The recovery on a personal injury claim is based on several factors.  These are your injuries – the severity and type of injury, the amount, type and duration of your medical care, your pain and suffering, your inconvenience, and your lost wages.  Other things can also impact the value of your claim.  These can be many different things, but some are whether your injury leaves a scar, whether the other driver was DUI, whether you had a previous injury or whether there was a delay in your treatment.  All of these can impact the value of your claim.  Other factors are your age, where the accident occurred, and where the person who caused it lives.  It makes a difference whether you are in rural south Georgia or in metro Atlanta.

     The claim portion is where we file a claim with either the business where you fell or with the negligent driver’s insurance company.  Once a claim is opened we will file a demand for settlement once your medical care is completed.  If the claim can settled then that is the end of it.  If not then a lawsuit will need to be filed.

Shane Smith
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