A personal injury lawyer in Atlanta can not only explain what an out-of-court claim settlement is; he or she can also determine if this would be in your best interest. This refers to a settlement agreement that is reached without going to court. 

In most cases, settling out of court is the preferable option. Instead of a judge or jury making a decision on your case, the parties involved negotiate a settlement to avoid going to court. 

The reason this is often an ideal solution is that it saves money and time. Going to court can end up costing a lot in legal fees, and it can take months or even years to litigate a case. The other downside to going to court is that you could end up with nothing.  At least by negotiating, you usually end up with something. 

What’s more, if you have concerns about your case going public, settling out-of-court may be preferable. In general, there are more pros than cons to an out-of-court claim settlement. Remember, while settling is often preferable, you may be encouraged by your attorney to avoid an early settlement offer, as these may be very low. 

However, going to court can’t always be avoided. Since there is no way to know ahead of time the path your case will take, it’s important to hire legal counsel that has experience with both negotiating out-of-court and with litigation of claims. 

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