Following a motorcycle accident in Georgia, motorcyclists may not realize the extent of their injuries. Sometimes, a motorcycle accident victim may be suffering from a brain injury and not even know it. Many people think that they have to totally lose consciousness to have suffered a brain injury, but brain injuries in Georgia come in all different varying degrees of severity.

Because of this, it is dangerous to speak with an insurance adjuster without knowing the full extent of a rider’s injuries. In fact, the biggest mistake a person can make following a crash is to talk to the insurance company. Insurance adjusters know that people may not know if they have suffered a head or brain injury immediately after an accident, so they attempt to settle a case as quickly as possible before the full extent of injuries are known. This way, they can save their company money.

Motorcycle riders who have been involved in a crash need to see a doctor immediately—even if they don’t think they are injured. Additionally, motorcyclists should never minimize or deny injuries to the insurance company before knowing the full extent of their injuries and talking with an accident attorney.

If you have suffered a brain injury in Georgia, you should contact an experienced Fayette County brain injury attorney for legal advice before settling your accident injury claim with the insurance company. Contact Shane Smith Law at 770.487.8999 for a free, no-obligation consultation today and find out about your legal rights.

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