One of the first steps to take after an Atlanta, Georgia truck accident injury is to determine who is liable for your damages. The basic parties may include the truck driver, trucking company or motor carrier, and the truck’s manufacturer, but there are many other parties that may come into play during your truck accident injury claim. 

When you first bring your case for review by an Atlanta personal injury attorney, he or she will help you obtain the information about your accident that is necessary to determine liability. This can include driver operation logs, truck maintenance records, witness statements, and trucking company contracts. Trucking companies are reluctant to give out this type of information and may make it difficult for you to file your claim on your own by denying these requests. 

Once your attorney has the necessary details about the factors in your accident, he or she will investigate who was responsible for the negligent actions that resulted in your truck accident and injury. For example, if it is shown that the truck driver repeatedly violated drive time limits, and the trucking company had reprimanded him or her in the past, the driver may be found to be at fault for knowingly violating the restrictions and driving while fatigued. 

There are also more complex cases in which third parties are indirectly responsible for the accident. The truck driver may have been the one who lost control of the vehicle, but if that loss of control was due to a manufacturer’s defect, then the truck manufacturer may be the liable party in this case. 

It is common for a truck accident victim to speculate on who is to blame for the truck accident and injury, but these claims are no place for speculation. To improve your chance at obtaining a fair settlement by seeking compensation from the correct parties, you should bring your case to an Atlanta personal injury attorney as soon as possible. 

Seeking Compensation for an Atlanta, Georgia Truck Accident Injury 

You first have to identify the other parties that caused your truck accident injury before you can determine who to file a liability claim against. Don’t deal with this burden alone – seek help from an Atlanta personal injury attorney! At The Law Offices of Shane Smith, we help truck accident victims seek justice after they’ve suffered injury and losses due to negligent truck drivers and trucking companies. 

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