People who operate a boat drunk are viewed in the same light as intoxicated drivers. It is against the law to operate a car or boat while intoxicated, and drunk boaters who cause Georgia boating accidents may be held liable to victims for their injuries and damages. 

When a boating accident caused by intoxication leaves you with injuries, the boat operator needs to be held accountable to you and to any other Georgia drunk boating accident victims. It is important that you do the following after a boating accident:

  • Seek medical attention. For you own health, it is wise to seek medical treatment. This way you know what injuries you have and how to treat them. Additionally, if you pursue a personal injury claim, medical records may be helpful in supporting your case.
  • Speak with a Georgia accident attorney. It is important to have a skilled injury lawyer on your side to explain your rights and to help strengthen your case. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, physical therapy, medication, lost income, and more.

Boating under the influence in Georgia is a major concern this summer, as already this year there have been fatal boating accidents. If you were injured, don’t let the drunk boater off the hook so easily. Victims of drunken boating accidents in Georgia should always talk to an experienced accident attorney before speaking with the insurance company.

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