When you have been involved in an Atlanta traffic accident, it’s important to know what to do. While emotions might run high, you should remain calm so that the situation isn’t made worse. Take the advice of a Georgia personal injury attorney and follow the tips listed below.

The first thing is to determine if anyone has been hurt. If it appears that you or someone else has sustained serious injuries, call 911.

Even if you don’t require immediate medical attention, it is always a good idea after an accident for a doctor to examine you. Shock sometimes can prevent someone from realizing they are hurt.

Or you may think that your backache is minor and will go away. It’s not a good idea to risk making your injuries worse or assume it’s not as bad as it really may be.

The next thing you should do after determining if anyone requires medical attention is to contact the police. You want to ensure that an accident report is filled out.

Be sure to discuss what happened with the police only. Limit what you say and never admit to being at fault.

You should get the names, addresses and phone numbers of those involved in the accident and any witnesses. You should also get the other driver’s insurance information.

If you can, take pictures of your damaged vehicle and the accident scene. Try to get a variety of angles.

You should contact your insurance agent as soon as possible, even before you leave the accident if you can. Otherwise, be sure to call as soon as you get home.

Your next step should to be to contact an Atlanta personal injury attorney if you have suffered serious injuries. You may be entitled to compensation if it is determined that the other driver was at fault.

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