Taking pictures of your Georgia car accident scene can help police, insurance companies, accident investigators, and—most importantly—your personal injury case. By capturing the damages to both vehicles and your personal injuries, such as swelling, bruises, cuts, and stitches, it will be easier to convince the insurance company or the jury that the crash caused your serious injuries. 

As you can see, it is great that you have pictures of your accident and injuries; however, what you do with them is just as important as taking them in the first place. You can print them out with the date stamp on them for proof that your injuries occurred in the crash.

Keep your evidence and hold onto your pictures, but do not post any pictures or information about your car crash online. Posting pictures and comments on the Internet about car accidents have cost many people their compensation. For this reason, our Peachtree City car accident lawyers recommend that you do not email photos, tweet pictures, or post pictures on Facebook. Keep your photos and comments to yourself, and only share them with your accident attorney. Your personal injury lawyer will know what photos to share with the insurance company that will strengthen your case and not harm it. 

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