As part of a thorough Georgia estate plan, parents of minor children will nominate a guardian to care for their child until he or she becomes the age of 18, in the event both parents die. Making this decision can be stressful and overwhelming, knowing family members’ feelings may be hurt when another relative or someone outside the family is chosen as the child’s guardian. 

The best thing we can tell you when choosing a guardian for your child is to consider the following things:

  • Make sure your child knows and is comfortable with the person you choose
  • Consider all your options, even friends
  • Pick someone with similar values, religious beliefs, and parenting style
  • Find out how the person you are considering disciplines their own children 
  • Would your child fit in with another family or their children 
  • Make sure the person you are considering is emotionally and financially sound 
  • Think about grandparents not having enough energy to keep up with a toddler
  • Consider the ages of your child and your ideal guardian

Once you consider all of these factors, you will probably have a name that comes to mind. Discuss this name with your spouse and even your child. Before you select the person, ask him if he is willing to take on this role in the event you and your spouse suddenly die. 

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