The primary responsible party for your slip and fall accident in Georgia is typically the property owner and operator or property possessor. This could be an individual or company that could be held liable for your accident and injuries. However, some parties that may also be held responsible for your slip and fall accident in Atlanta may not be so obvious.

Other responsible parties could include school districts, office building managers, and service providers such as property management companies or janitorial companies. If the staircase was not cleaned property, cleaned with the wrong product, or not repaired in a timely manner, then the party in charge of maintaining the staircase could be liable for your fall injuries. Additionally, an architect or contractor may be liable if the staircase was not built correctly.

To find out which party may be responsible for your Atlanta slip and fall accident and injury, call the Law Offices of Shane Smith to find out if you can recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses due to your fall. If the negligence from one of the parties listed above caused your injuries, you should be able to sue for damages.

Attorney Shane Smith will be able to investigate your case, determine liability, and help you recover financial compensation. If the property owner acted negligently and ignored the safety hazard or failed to maintain their premises, then you should be able to recover damages for your injuries. Call to find out more about your individual case at 770-HURT-999 and talk with a skilled premises liability lawyer in a free consultation today.

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