When injuries occur because of a dog, a dog’s owner may be held responsible. In Georgia, leash and dog laws recently changed. In May 2012, the Responsible Dog Ownership Act (House Bill 685) passed with a 157 to 0 vote and was signed into law by Governor Nathan Deal. This bill requires that owners of dangerous dogs register them and carry at least $50,000 in liability insurance. Any person who fails to do this will be found guilty of a misdemeanor.

Even if the dog that bit your son wasn’t a known aggressive dog, the dog’s owner may still be liable if the dog caused bodily injury. Dog owners are supposed to have their pets fenced in or tied up when they are outside of their homes. If dog owners allow their pets to roam freely, they are in violation of the state’s law.

This new bill holds humans responsible for their dogs’ actions. If your son was walking by a dog or if a dog approached your son, and your son did nothing to antagonize the dog, your son probably has a case for receiving compensation for his injuries and financial damages that resulted from the dog bite. Even if a homeowner hasn’t taken out a special liability policy, there may be coverage found under their homeowner’s policy. To find out more, talk with an experienced Peachtree City dog bite attorney who is familiar with Georgia laws and negotiating with insurance companies.

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