The winter weather—snow, sleet, ice, fog, and rain—contribute to thousands of motor vehicle accidents every year. Sometimes, a Norcross auto accident of this nature can be your own fault and sometimes it’s that of another driver. This is because every driver in Georgia has a duty to maintain control of their vehicle and drive safely given the road conditions. When someone fails to drive in a safe manner during winter weather conditions, it is negligence.

Although road conditions play roles in the cause of winter weather car accidents, it is rare that it can be the only defense. For example, was the other driver using his or her headlights? Was the other driver going too fast for the conditions? If the other driver failed to take proper precautions to limit a winter weather crash, the other driver may be found liable for your injuries.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be due compensation from the other driver’s insurance company, your own auto insurance, or even compensation under workers’ compensation if you were in a work-related auto accident. Additionally, it may be possible that the department of transportation or a construction company could be found liable if a lack of road maintenance was the cause. In the case where a blow-out or defective part caused the crash, then the manufacturer may be responsible for your damages.

There are many possibilities for negligent parties and our Georgia personal injury lawyers would need to investigate your case further to help determine which particular party could be liable for your injuries. Call Shane Smith Law for help with your case at 770-HURT-999, and receive a free case consultation today.

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