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Who should I pick as my trustee?


When estate planning, this is a common question that many people planning for the future often ask themselves. It isn’t an easy question for us to answer because everyone’s lives are so completely different; however, in most cases, a spouse is often picked as the trustee. 

If you are not married or do not want your spouse in the trustee role, then a family relative, adult child, friend, or professional fiduciary can be chosen to fill the role as the trustee. The most important aspect of choosing a trustee is to pick someone you trust with your life—someone who is honest, organized, responsible, and good with money. This decision is ultimately up to you and can be anyone you want it to be, even a neighbor or business associate.

Trustees do not need special training because all your wishes will be written out, so they will be easy to follow. The biggest factor to consider in choosing a trustee is that they can start assuming their role while you are still alive, only if you become mentally and physically unable to serve as the trustee yourself. For this reason, you should choose someone with whom you are comfortable and you know wouldn’t let you down.

You should discuss your choice for trustee with your Peachtree City estate planning lawyer to ensure you have made the best choice for your situation. For help, contact the Law Offices of Shane Smith to discuss your Georgia estate planning needs at (770) 487-8999 today.

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