Many people bypass hiring lawyers and estate planning professionals so that they can save money by doing estate planning themselves. While this is better than not having a will or estate planning documents, it is very hard for you to know if you are doing everything right and keeping up with any changes in the laws.

When using forms, templates, and online documents to create your own will, you will not be able to get any legal advice for your particular situation. Online forms cannot substitute for having a knowledgeable Georgia estate planning lawyer give you advice and customizing an estate plan for your specific needs. 

While it sounds enticing, do-it-yourself estate plans may not be effective, and they can provide you with a false sense of security. If you do something wrong, the form will not tell you what you did wrong. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing that something was left out of the documents until your heirs learn about it when you are gone.

Hiring an attorney to create a will, trust, and other estate planning documents is in your best interest to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that everything was accounted for. While it may cost more money than do-it-yourself forms, all your legal issues will be addressed so that your assets are protected and preserved for your beneficiaries. 

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