There will be several authorities involved following a crash with a large commercial vehicle. First, the police officers who arrive on the scene will look for anything that seems suspicious and that may have led to your Georgia accident. They will talk to the truck driver to determine if he smells of alcohol, is slurring his words, has bloodshot eyes, can barely keep his eyes open, or if he just seems impaired. If they have suspicion that he may have been driving impaired, they may ask him to take a breathalyzer test or blood test to determine if their suspicions are correct.

Even if the police do not test the truck driver for alcohol and drug use, the trucking company is supposed to test their driver soon after a crash involving injury or death, according to federal law. If you have a personal injury lawyer on your side, your attorney will ensure the trucker gets tested as soon as possible and will get a copy of the lab results to determine if the truck driver was abiding by the laws.

Even if the truck driver was not driving intoxicated, he may have been disobeying the road rules in another way. He may not have taken his rest breaks according to the law. A Fayette County accident attorney can request to see the truck driver’s log books to determine if the trucker drove longer than the law allows.

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