§ 40-6-187.  (For effective date, see note.) Charging violations; sentence to specify amount by which speed limit exceeded
   (a) (For effective date, see note.) In every charge of violation of any speed regulation in this chapter, the summons, uniform traffic citation, official charging instrument, or notice to appear shall specify the speed at which the defendant is alleged to have driven, the maximum speed applicable within the district or at the location, and whether the violation occurred on a two-lane road or highway. For purposes of this Code section, the term "two-lane road or highway" means a road or highway with two lanes for through-traffic movement exclusive of any portion of the road or highway adjoining the traveled way for parking, speed change, turning, weaving, truck climbing, or other purposes supplementary to through-traffic movement.

(b) For the purpose of imposing points pursuant to Code Section 40-5-57, every sentence for a violation of any speed regulation in this chapter shall state the specific amount by which the person convicted exceeded the speed limit.


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