It’s bad enough that you fell in public and that you are probably are embarrassed and in pain; however, the only thing worse than falling is slipping up and making critical mistakes after your accident that can cost you money in the long run. For this reason, we want you to avoid these seven common mistakes including:

  1. Failing to report your accident – when slipping and falling in public, people often are embarrassed and want to get out of the store and into private; however, it is best to your potential legal case that you stick around and report your Georgia slip and fall accident to the manager of the store.
  2. Failing to request an incident report – after reporting your accident and injury to the store manager, you need to request a copy of the incident report. Most stores require that the manager make a report recording the date and time of your incident and the cause of the incident. While reporting your slip and fall accident is great, it is equally as important to get a copy of the incident report and the person’s name you reported your accident to.
  3. Failing to speak with witnesses – if people were around you when you fell, you should ask them if they saw the accident and if you can have their contact information. Witnesses tend to be able to help your case.
  4. Failing to seek medical care – people often try to tough it out, or will wait to see their own doctor instead of going to the emergency room following an injury. However, it is best for your health as well as for the future of your case to seek medical attention as soon as possible. If you wait too long to see a doctor, or don’t follow through with the doctor’s orders and follow-up visits, it will be harder to prove that the injury had an impact on your life, and the insurance company will question the seriousness of your injury.
  5. Failing to believe the accident was someone else’s fault– many victims of slip and fall accidents often blame themselves for not being careful; however, some hazards are hidden. For this reason, you should never say that you were clumsy, blame yourself, or say sorry after a Roswell slip and fall accident without knowing what happened and the cause of your fall.
  6. Failing to speak with a lawyer before accepting compensation – sometimes insurance companies will call you immediately and offer you a settlement. While the figure may sound good, you may not know what your case is truly worth. It is in your best interest to speak with a skilled slip and fall attorney in Georgia prior to signing any documents or accepting compensation.
  7. Failing to hire an experienced slip and fall attorney – there are many lawyers available to hire, but not all attorneys have the same experience and successes. It is critical to your case outcome that you hire a skilled premises liability attorney.

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