When you’ve just started a company that’s taking off fast, you naturally want to be surrounded by other creative entrepreneurs. This is surely one reason that Inc. recently published its list entitled, “10 Top Cities for Fast-Growth Companies.” While California still casts a long shadow in the realm of startup companies, other parts of the country are now staking out their claims as excellent places to “grow” successful ventures. States like Texas, New York, Colorado, Georgia, and Illinois are now in the forefront.                                                                                          

Texas looks especially strong since three of its cities made the list (Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio), tying California (Irvine, San Francisco, and San Diego). The remaining states of Georgia, New York, and Illinois each only had one city named to this prestigious list.

Here’s a bit more information about each of the “10 Top Cities” which made this important Inc. list.

Leading Cities for Fast-Growth Companies

  • California, San Francisco. There’s so much to love about this fast-paced and uniquely beautiful business mecca that it’s hard to know where to start when describing it. Although tech companies have been calling this city home for years, it’s still the “go to” place for such rising companies as Crescendo Bioscience. Among other pursuits, it’s perfecting the art of helping doctors discern the exact medical status of patients at any given time. One of its key focuses is on rheumatoid arthritis;

  • California, Irvine. If you’ve ever been for a long drive down through Orange County, the southern part of the general Los Angeles area, you’ve almost certainly driven right by or through part of this city that’s “home to 47 of the fastest-growing companies” on this Inc. list. The company 29 Prime calls Irvine home for a reason;

  • California, San Diego. Large, highly successful cities have been calling this city home for years, including Qualcomm. Fast-growing companies located here include PhotoBin and the billing firm, Multifamily Utility;

  • Texas, Dallas. According to at least one Texas study, this thriving city (along with nearby Fort Worth) “has the fifth-largest concentration of high-tech workers [in the country], and it ranks fifth . . . with the most self-employed people.” The number “five” seems rather lucky for this state which boasts “55 of the nation’s fastest-growing companies;”

  • Texas, Austin. This is the state’s capital and home to the much beloved University of Texas. Dell Computers has been based here for many years, along with other successful high-tech companies. A number of entrepreneurs appreciate that Texas doesn’t have a state income tax and believe it’s easy to find other fast-growing companies here – roughly 87 of  them to be exact;

  • Texas, Houston. This city is rather unique in that it continues to draw many new young entrepreneurs. In fact, “the median age here is three years under the national average.” As most Texans know, Houston has long been home to many successful companies involved with high-tech, manufacturing, and medicine. At present, approximately 76 of Inc.’s fast-growing companies are based in this charming city;

  • Atlanta, Georgia. Clear proof that many sharp people still reside in the south, Atlanta has long attracted big-name companies like UPS, Home Depot, CNN, and Coca-Cola. Furthermore, one of the country’s top engineering schools, Georgia Tech, is located in Atlanta. One of this city’s most thriving new businesses is the property service company Residential Capital Management;

  • New York City, New York. Not only do extremely innovative startups call this city home, the entire state has seen numerous high-tech incubators and accelerators (like Techstars) take root here, helping new companies get off the ground. In fact, 205 of Inc.’s high-growth companies now call NYC home. The city has an abundance of strong academic talent coming from its universities and it has attracted newer companies like Centric Digital and ReviMedia;

  • Chicago, Illinois. About 95 of Inc.’s fastest-growing companies are based in this bustling city. And the incubator 1871 may be helping as many as 350 to 400 startups during the current year. Furthermore, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has promised to pay added attention to the city’s tech sector during the coming years. However, Chicago and many other cities will always have to struggle hard to compete with California when trying to attract new companies, given that state’s lengthy high-tech startup history and it’s incredibly pleasant weather nearly 12 months out of every year.

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