Trucking accidents occur every day throughout this nation, and many of these wrecks are due to laws that are broken by truck drivers, trucking companies, or both. Because commercial trucks are large and weigh 80,000 pounds, there are strict rules in place to protect motorists sharing the road with them; however, many truck drivers and trucking companies break the rules that are in place—ultimately leading to trucking accidents in Georgia and across this nation. 

The fact is that trucks age, and truck drivers and trucking companies are supposed to keep their trucks in good, working order. This means that they are supposed to ensure that their truck is safe to operate. When brakes, tires, or lights are not maintained properly, a Roswell trucking accident could occur. For this reason, trucks are supposed to have routine maintenance performed to ensure that the truck is safe to operate.

Lack of Truck Maintenance – A Factor in Georgia Trucking Crashes

When truckers and trucking companies fail to properly maintain their large trucks, they are violating the law and increasing their chances of being involved in a serious trucking crash in Fulton County.

In addition to keeping a truck in a safe, working order, truckers and trucking companies have to follow additional rules to reduce their risks of crashing. Other things like truck drivers driving without the proper licenses or getting behind the wheel of a big rig without adequate training are other ways truckers and trucking companies break the law and increase their chances for a truck wreck.

For example, an airport shuttle was recently involved in a Fulton County shuttle bus accident with a semi truck that left 16 people injured. After an investigation into this crash, it was revealed that the bus driver did not have the proper license to drive the shuttle bus, and the company who owned the shuttle failed to maintain a safe vehicle. Some of the things for which investigators cited the shuttle company included:

  • Front tires were too worn
  • Rear brakes did not work
  • Brake fluid was low

When a trucking company fails to maintain its vehicles or employs drivers who do not have the appropriate licenses to operate a commercial vehicle, the company can be held liable for the trucking accident and injuries.

If you have been injured in a trucking accident, allow an experienced Fulton County accident attorney to investigate to find out if any laws were broken that contributed to your injuries. Call the Law Offices of Shane Smith today to find out about your rights in a free consultation at (770) 487-8999.

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