Listed below are three more statements you should never utter when speaking with an insurance adjuster. Keep in mind that anything you say could damage your car accident claim. In fact, you should always speak with an Atlanta car accident lawyer before speaking with an insurance adjuster. 

“I accept.”

Never accept a settlement amount without first seeking the advice of a lawyer. If you commit to a settlement, whether in writing or verbally, there’s no going back. If you find out later that you have an injury or other resulting effect of the wreck, you will be unable to get compensation for it. An experienced Atlanta car accident lawyer, like Shane Smith, can help. He’ll assess your case and determine the amount of compensation you should be due and ensure you’re getting the payment you deserve. 

“I don’t have a lawyer” or “I don’t want a lawyer.” 

Having a legal representative is the best way to ensure the success of your car accident claim. An attorney will be able to accurately estimate the damages you are due and fight for your best interests with the insurance company. Having a lawyer will also give your car accident claim more weight and gravity in the insurance company’s eyes. 

“It was their fault.” 

Your lawyer will help you gather evidence and witness testimony that proves the driver’s fault and negligence, so there’s no need to speculate or point fingers. Your evidence should speak for itself. 

Contact an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer 

Saying any of the above phrases can cut down on the amount of compensation you can get from your car accident claim. If you’re involved in an accident, the best thing you can do is keep quiet and contact an experienced Atlanta car accident lawyer right away. They’ll advise you on what steps to take next. 

For more information, see 10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Georgia Wreck Case or call 770-487-8999, 770-HURT-999 or 404-513-5415 to speak with an Atlanta car accident lawyer at the Shane Smith Law today.

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