Every minute that passes after a serious auto accident could be the difference between saving the accident victim and having him die. However, an appellate court in another state ruled that there is no duty to request aid outside the jurisdiction where an accident occurred even if an emergency vehicle outside the jurisdiction is closer to the accident scene.


The case involved a 2010 two-car crash where a man died 12 hours after he was rushed to a hospital. An available ambulance was just two or three minutes away but was not requested because it was technically in the adjacent jurisdiction. Instead, another ambulance within the jurisdiction was requested and it took between 10 and 15 minutes to arrive.


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The court effectively ruled that cross-jurisdictional cooperation was not mandatory. Since the two counties involved had territorial disputes the nearest ambulance could not cross jurisdictional lines unless it was requested. However, if the county had requested the ambulance from across jurisdictions (the closer ambulance to the accident) it could have been sued for breaching the contract with the ambulance serving that county's jurisdiction.


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