Accidental personal injuries are the 5th leading cause of death in the United States, and the leading cause of death for individuals younger than 35.  Because a large amount of Americans are affected by accidental personal injuries each year, many health organizations consider personal injury to be a major health problem in this country.

When personal injury occurs, it is often the case that someone else may be responsible.  A Coweta County personal injury attorney can help determine if someone else should be held liable, and can help you try to recover for your injury.

Personal injuries affect a large number of Americans

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, accidental personal injuries cause annually:

  • 162,000 deaths
  • 29,529,000 emergency room visits
  • 31,128,000 doctor visits

Personal injuries are costly

Potential costs of accidental injuries include medical, emergency services, police services, lost productivity, and quality of life. Specifically, hospital stays and visits to the emergency room and doctors are expensive, and in addition a personal injury can require weeks or months of costly rehabilitative therapy.  Combine that with the possible need to take time off work to heal, and an accidental personal injury can cost thousands of dollars, often leading to serious financial problems or even bankruptcy.

The Federal Highway Administration reported that, in 2010, 2,243,000 people suffered accidental personal injuries from auto accidents alone.  The FHA further estimates the average cost per person injured in an auto accident is $68,170, which brings the annual cost for accidental personal injuries from auto accidents approximately $152 billion.  This figure does not include the cost of personal injuries from other types of accidents, such as on-the-job or slip-and-fall injuries.

In short, accidental personal injuries can be extremely costly.  If someone else is responsible, or shares responsibility for your injury, contacting a personal injury attorney in Coweta County can help you begin the path to financial recovery.  The Law Offices of Shane Smith are here to evaluate your case and to help you get back on your feet while you focus on recuperating from your injury. Contact us today at (770) 487-8999.

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