The large majority of accidents at home are not truly accidents, but could be avoided by teaching your children basic safety practices and by practice safe behaviors yourself.  Often people feel safest when at home or when participating in recreational activities that they enjoy.  Many accidental injuries are unforeseen, though could have been avoided had the injured used some forward thinking and taken certain safety precautions.  However, despite the fact that many of them could be avoided, the truth remains that accidents in the home or during recreational activities are a leading cause of injury in the United States.  If you or a family member is injured due to an accident at home or during a recreational activity, you should call an experienced personal injury attorney in Fayette County to assess your case and help you recover for any damages.


Common causes of accidental injuries in the home or during recreational activities include:


  • Fires or fireworks
  • Swing-set or playgrounds
  • Bites from dogs or other animals
  • Water-related accidents in pools or boats
  • Poison
  • Falls


By teaching your children safe practices such as not running around a pool, wearing proper flotation devices, using proper restraints on swings or motorized toys and vehicles, wearing helmets while bicycling, never using fireworks or other fire-related materials while unsupervised, never drinking or eating anything if you do not know where it came from, never approaching an unfamiliar animal, among others.  Though the chances of accidental injury in the home or during recreational activities can never be completely eliminated, if you teach your children basic safety guidelines and behaviors, the chances of injury may be significantly lessened.


Furthermore, in the unfortunate instance that you, your child, or someone else in the home is accidentally injured, you may be able to recover if the injury resulted from a malfunction of a product or improper warning labels.  Make sure you call the Law Offices of Shane Smith at (770) 487-8999 to discuss the accident, the extent of the accidental injury, and the chances of receiving a settlement.  If a settlement is possible, personal injury attorney Shane Smith can ensure you receive it.

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