Many different factors can cause commercial truck accidents. For example, driver errors are the most common cause of truck accidents. Others include improper maintenance, improper cargo loading, and more. One common truck accident cause that we will look at here is equipment failure. Most people do not realize how many parts and pieces of equipment are required on a commercial truck at all times. Having this much equipment increases the risk that a driver will forget to check everything and will continue to drive without properly functioning equipment. If you have been injured because someone did not properly check or replace truck equipment, you deserve substantial compensation for your injuries and an experienced Corinth truck accident attorney can help you recover.

Many different types of equipment failure can lead a commercial truck to cause a serious accident. Some of these fails include the following:

  • Brake failure

  • Tire blowouts

  • Problems with steering

  • Malfunctioning windshield wipers

  • Failure of the coupling

  • Suspension problems

  • Failing securements for the cargo in the trailer

  • Burned out lights, brake lights, or blinkers

Though you may not be able to readily identify when a truck accident occurs due to an equipment failure, an experienced attorney can help identify these issues for you. An attorney can also determine if it is someone’s fault in particular that the equipment failed and caused the accident and the injury, and can hold that party liable.

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