While many commercial truck accidents are caused by driver error, other negligent acts often cause such accidents, at times. For example, the way the trailer of the truck is loaded can cause the driver to lose control of the truck. There are strict regulations regarding cargo loading, such as maximum weight limits to avoid overloading. If a truck is overloaded and causes an accident, a Peachtree City truck accident lawyer can help victims recover.


Overloading a truck can have the following effects:


  • Make it difficult to stop in a short period time

  • Cause the trailer to jackknife

  • Cause the trailer to sway out of its lane

  • Cause the trailer to tip over

  • Make it difficult to control speed on hills


As a result, truck overloading can cause devastating accident and injuries and the party responsible for the loading should be held accountable.


Following a truck accident, the cause for accident may not be immediately apparent. Discovering that an overloaded trailer caused an accident can take a significant amount of investigation. An experienced truck accident attorney knows how to obtain and examine records from trucking companies, cargo loading companies, log books, weigh station records, and more. Using these records, an attorney can show that the truck violated weight limits or was otherwise overloaded, creating a risk of an accident. Accident reconstruction experts can always analyze the vehicles and scene of the accident to determine whether the overloading directly contributed to the accidents. All of this can be technical and complicated, so you should always have an attorney who knows how to handle commercial truck cases handling your case.

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