The second step after a car accident involving a truck will be to contact the insurance company. You will need to report the accident and then later speak to an insurance adjuster. 

What you say to the insurance adjuster could significantly impact your claim so use discretion. Better yet, search the Georgia Bar directory and speak with an Atlanta car accident attorney before you speak with an insurance adjuster.

The only thing you should really share is the medical treatment you have received and missed time from work. The insurance company’s goal is to pay out as little as possible, so they may try to get you to sign papers or agree to a settlement immediately.

Even if it is your own insurance company that you are dealing with, they want to minimize their payment as much as possible. So it would be a good idea to contact an Atlanta car accident attorney before you agree to anything.

The third step is to follow-up with any medical care or treatment that is required. If you are scheduled for physical therapy appointments, don’t miss them. Or if you are scheduled for surgery, don’t try to delay it. If you are told to stop working, listen to your doctor’s instructions. Failing to follow the doctor’s orders could end up hurting your claim.

The last step you should take after a car accident is to promptly contact an Atlanta trucking accident attorney. Trying to deal with the claims process on your own can be challenging enough, without adding to it the complexities of a case involving a truck. Because of truck industry rules, there may be more to the situation and there is the potential of holding the truck driver’s employer liable for your injuries.

Whether you look for an Atlanta car accident attorney through the Georgia Bar directory, online or in recommendations from others, it’s important to find one who has experience handling car/truck accident claims. Don’t delay in seeking legal counsel when you have been seriously injured, as you may be entitled to compensation. 

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