Although many of us are so grateful to make a sale that we may forget one final step of the process, it’s always important to try and obtain at least a little bit of marketing information before you let a customer go. Ideally, you’ll be able to ask all of the questions set forth below – although obtaining the answers to even one or two of these questions will provide you with some critical marketing information that may greatly help you in the future.                              

According to a recent article entitled, “Five Questions You Should Ask Every Customer,” obtaining answers to the following questions can help you make important future decisions that will allow you to even better serve every customer who becomes aware of your special products and services.

Having Customers Answer Certain Questions Can Help You Perfect Your Pitch

Always advise your sales people (or telephone employees) to ask one or more of the next five questions upon concluding a sale so you can try and improve your business.

  • Why did you choose to buy from us? Of course, you’ll have to be ready to be told that your website “popped up” first in a search -- or another less-than-flattering response. Yet you can still politely inquire if the person had ever heard of your company before and what impressions they may have already had about your products and customer service. Just remember to always close the conversation with sincere thanks and a request that the customer return again whenever a new need arises;
  • Is there anything you believe we’re doing better than our competition? After asking this, try to get as much specific information as you can. Are your prices a bit lower than those being offered by other or does the customer appreciate your company’s special “return policy” for items that don’t work properly? If a customer is having trouble answering, you may want to ask if they’ve bought from your company in the past and if they have any suggestions that might help your business serve them better in the future;
  • How can we change what we do to provide you with a better consumer experience? Be sure to listen carefully and if you don’t obtain a clear-cut answer, ask if the customer had any problems locating the item purchased and if there might be a better way for your company to present its products;
  • Do you ever suggest to people you know that they consider buying from us? If they answer in the affirmative, ask them why did they do this? See if you can find out if your company has a strong group of products for sale or if your shipping reputation is quite positive. If the customer cannot think of anything to tell you, you might close by asking if they found the company’s website to be user-friendly or if their call-in experience has been a good one;
  • If you were to use a search engine to find a company like ours, what terms would you enter? If you can obtain a specific response to this question, you may be able to greatly improve your company’s Google page rankings. New terms that can be incorporated into your web pages may help future consumers find your website more easily.

If your company can afford it, you might even consider offering each consumer a discount on their (product) or shipping fees if they’ll answer these questions after they first decline – or else offer to send them an email coupon to put toward their next purchase.

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