According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) when a drunk driver is actually caught, they may have, on average, driven under the influence 80 times before the first arrest.  

When it comes to those who have had their license suspended, 75 percent of this group keeps on driving, putting innocent drivers, passengers and pedestrians, like you and your family, at risk of severe injuries and death.

What has the State and Community done to make the roads safer and be stricter with drunk drivers?

 Some individuals and many organizations, including MADD, have called for stricter penalties. This can and does include ignition interlocks. This device is professionally installed to a car, working in conjunction with the ignition system. It makes sure that a driver is sober to drive and is sober as the car is on the road. If there is any material amount of alcohol in the drivers system, the car will not start.

Are Ignition Interlocks effective?

Yes, they are very effective. Based on research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) more than a 66 percent decrease in the amount of future DUI arrests resulted once ignition interlocks are installed. MADD credits this technology to help reduce the annual 10,000 deaths and approximate 350,000 injuries from drunk driving.

MADD cited that 20 states mandate ignition interlocks. However, Georgia currently only requires ignition interlocks as of May, 1999. However, there are lobbying and community efforts to increase the penalties and lower the DUI thresholds from many individuals and community organizations.

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