No parent wants to be in this situation. You're child has been injured in an Atlanta car crash and now you are sitting in the emergency room waiting to hear about her injuries.  What you do in the emergency room can make a difference for your child.  Atlanta auto accident attorney Shane Smith offers five tips for parents to help make emergency room visits a little easier.
1. Try to stay calm.  It's hard to do when your child is injured, but if you can stay calm, your child will be less anxious. 
2. Ask to be seen by a pediatrician if there is one available.  Children are not miniature adults and doctors who are not used to treating children often overlook critical signs and symptoms.
3. If your child is in pain, tell the nurse and ask for pain management.  If your child will have blood tests or an IV, you can request that a numbing gel be used to reduce pain.
4. Ask questions.
  Anytime you don't understand a term, a test, or a result, ask to have it explained. Knowing what is going on will help you make the best decisions for your child.
5. Be honest - to a point.  If your child asks if something will hurt, tell your child that many people do feel discomfort.  If you add, "I wonder how it will feel for you?" then your child has the opportunity to consider options other than pain.
For more tips that can help you and your child after an Atlanta car wreck, read our article, "Preparing For Emergencies: Five Tips That Can Help Your Child After An Atlanta Car Accident".
Atlanta auto accident attorney Shane Smith helps the families of Atlanta car accident victims.  If your child has been injured in a Georgia car wreck, you may have questions about insurance compensation, medical bills, and your child's future.  To discuss your child's accident claim, contact the Law Offices of Shane Smith and ask to schedule a free initial consultation.

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