The rainy weather on Thursday morning caused a string of single-vehicle accidents that left four drivers dead in Fulton, Cobb, Gwinnett and Newton Counties.  Sudden summer storms cause hundreds of Georgia highway accidents each year.  Many of these accidents occur because drivers don't modify their driving habits to compensate for wet roads.
When a road is wet, a film of water comes between the tire and the pavement.  This means the tire is driving on almost frictionless water rather than the pavement.  When the tire loses traction, the vehicle can spin out of control.
Not only is it harder to steer in the rain, but it's also harder to see and be seen in the rain. Rain not only decreases visibility, but it also reduces the effectiveness of headlights and reflectors. 
When it is raining, it is important that Georgia drivers adjust their driving habits to account for slick roads and poor visibility. Atlanta auto car crash attorney Shane Smith suggests offers ten wet weather safety tips.
1. Plan for delays.  You don't want to rush when the weather is bad.
2. Slow down.  All four of the fatal accidents on Thursday morning involved a driver who was going too fast for 
weather conditions.  If any of these drivers had slowed down, he may have safely reached his destination.
3. Don't use cruise control.  Hydroplaning while in cruise control can cause your vehicle to accelerate.
4. If you do start to hydroplane, avoid jerking the wheel or sudden braking.  Either action can cause a skid.  To regain control of your vehicle, release the gas pedal slowly and steer straight until your car regains traction. If you must brake, gently tap the brake pedal.  
5. Anticipate that you will need more time for braking when the road is wet. Come to a stop gradually to avoid skidding.   
6. Because it takes more time to stop, increase your following distance.  This is especially important if you are following a large truck or other vehicle that needs extra time to stop.
7.  Drive in the middle of your lane and, if possible, drive in the middle lanes.  Water is more likely to pool and create hazardous conditions on the edges of roads. 
8. Use your headlights anytime it rains.  A good rule is when the wipers go on, so do the lights.  If you have fog lights, you may use them in heavy rains.
9. If you can't see the road or the car in front of you, it is time to pullover.  If you can't see, other drivers can't see you.
10. If your windshield is fogging up, turn on the air conditioning and your front and rear defoggers. This will clear your windows without heating up your car
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