Six-year-old Arielle was very excited about her first dance recital.  She was dancing backstage as she waited for her ballet performance.  When the dance was over, her mom met her back stage and helped her change into her tap dance outfit.  After the tap dance, she sat with her friends and waited for the final curtain call.
Arielle's mom was enjoying the show.  She briefly thought about checking on Arielle backstage, but she knew it was busy and Arielle was looking forward to spending time with her dance friends.  During the final curtain call, she noticed that Arielle looked sad and was holding her head.  Arielle's mom thought, "What a long day for such a little girl."
Arielle's mom couldn't wait to congratulate Arielle and giver her bouquet.  She imagined Arielle's face lighting up.  But, when she found her little dancer, Arielle was in tears.
The side of Arielle's face was covered in bruises.  The class mom said that Arielle had slipped in her tap shoes on the way to curtain call and hit her head. "She cried, but she's fine."
Another mom said that the fall was very hard.  When questioned, Arielle seemed confused, sad and uncertain of what was going on.  Her frightened mother decided to take her to the emergency room where the doctor ordered a CT scan and checked for signs of a brain injury.
Accidents aren't planned.  In an instant a day can go from joyful to tragic.  Fortunately, Arielle's head injury was mild and, within weeks, the little dancer was enjoying her regular activities and planning for next year's recital. But, for thousands of children a sudden slip or a car accident can cause a brain injury that leads to a lifetime of disability.
When parents look back at the day their child was injured, they see a sharp line that defines the boundary between normal life and life after the accident.  Parents would do anything to be on the other side of that line.
Unfortunately, our Atlanta brain injury attorneys can't turn back time and give you a do-over.  But, we may be able to help you get financial compensation for your child's medical expenses, therapy, long-term care, and pain and suffering. For more information or to discuss your child's claim, contact the Law Offices of Shane Smith at 770-HURT-999. Ask to schedule a free consultation with an Atlanta brain injury attorney.

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