Whether you are riding a motorcycle or bicycle or are driving a car or walking along the street, the chances of you, or someone you know, being in a Georgia traffic accident are greater than you may have imagined. Sadly when accidents do take place, serious injuries could result, such as a brain injury. 

Brain-injury victims suffer lifelong challenges, changes, and costly medical bills. While victims are wrestling with the reality of their new future and the serious changes that have just taken place, a brain-injury claim maybe something they don’t have the time, patience, or the understanding to pursue. Nonetheless a brain-injury victim should pursue a personal-injury claim in Georgia.

While it may seem almost impossible for a brain-injury victim to handle a claim and know what a successful settlement would be, an experienced Atlanta brain-injury lawyer could handle the brain-injury lawsuit on the victim’s behalf. This way, a qualified law firm would negotiate the case – only settling for a successful settlement. 

An excellent lawyer would know when the offer is not enough and would have no problem taking the case to court to litigate.  Moving the brain-injury lawsuit forward into the courtroom shows the other side that the victim is serious and has a lawyer who is properly prepared to take the case to court.

How retaining a qualified law firm can secure a successful case result through:

  • Case preparation – critical documentation should be gathered to support the brain-injury claim. This evidence would include medical records, hospital documentation, test results, and other critical information necessary to ensure a successful claim. Additionally, collecting the accident evidence is very important to a case, such as photographs of the accident scene, accident reports, and testimony from witnesses.
  • Law firm’s reputation – law firms and individual lawyers have reputations for settling every case or taking certain cases to trial. A brain-injury victim needs to have an attorney known for excellence in trial advocacy. Also, the lawyer should aggressively pursue litigation in order to gain a successful result. Our reputation is known for excellence at the settlement table and in the courtroom.

When a law firm has a great reputation, properly prepares your Georgia brain injury claim, and understands how the outcome of this case can affect you and your family for a lifetime, that is the law firm you want working on your brain-injury case. Call Shane Smith Law to achieve the best possible outcome in your case at 770-HURT-999 and receive a free consultation today.

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