Each year, approximately 3,000 lives are saved as a result of an air bag following an auto accident. Since this safety mechanism is so effective, it is now included in most vehicles travelling on the nation’s roadways. Unfortunately, there are dangers that come with the use of air bags as well. When an air bag improperly deploys during an Atlanta car accident, the injuries can be catastrophic.

How do air bags work?

All air bags, whether they are front or side models, work on a three part system. This includes:

  • Air bag module, containing the fabric air bag and inflator unit.
  • Diagnostic unit, which monitors the air bag system, activates warning lights, and contains a device that allows the air bag to deploy in the event that the car’s battery is damaged in the Atlanta car wreck.
  • Crash sensors, which activate the air bags when they detect a large impact, such as with a crash.

How can a defective air bag cause injuries?

Defective air bags turn this otherwise effective safety mechanism into a dangerous source of injuries for drivers and passengers. Examples of defects causing an inadvertent deployment of the airbag include:

  • Faulty crash sensor
  • Electrical short circuit
  • Improper installation
  • Poor construction

The inadvertent deployment results in the victim impacting with the air bag at a speed of approximately 100 miles per hour. This force can cause numerous injuries to the driver or passenger.

What types of injuries are caused by faulty air bags?

Victims of a faulty deployment may suffer the following Atlanta air bag injuries:

  • whiplash
  • broken bones, including the nose, jaw, cheekbones, hands, fingers, or neck
  • brain injury
  • spinal cord injury
  • eye injury

These injuries may increase the harm suffered during an Atlanta auto accident. If the faulty deployment occurred without involving a car crash, the injuries may be even more severe because the driver or passenger may have been in the process of adjusting the radio or navigation system. This could result in the head being closer to the air bag when it deploys.

Air bags are excellent safety features when operating properly. Unfortunately, when defective, they are very dangerous to Georgia motorists. If you or a loved one was injured by an air bag, you may be entitled to damages. Contact an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney at 404-513-5415 for a free consultation.

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