Car accident injuries can be serious and change your life physically and financially forever. Truck accident statistics show that one of the most common types of injuries after a crash with a truck is facial injuries. If your face was injured in an accident with a truck, contact a car accident attorney in Atlanta to see if you qualify for compensation to pay for medical expenses and other damages.

Common Types of Facial Injuries

Some car accident injuries to the face are not serious and can heal over time. But there are some serious facial injuries that can cause severe and permanent damage to the face: 


  • cuts;
  • burns;
  • bruises;
  • factures of the jaw or cheekbones;
  • nerve damage;
  • damaged or lost teeth; and
  • injuries to the eyes. 

When these types of car accident injuries lead to permanent disfigurement, the emotional stress can be overwhelming in addition to the physical pain. If facial injuries require surgery expensive medical bills and long recovery times can result. If you or a loved one is suffering with a facial injury, contact a car accident attorney in Atlanta who is familiar with truck accident statistics and can help you file a claim to receive compensation for your injuries as well as psychological damages. 

Possible Compensation for Car Accident Injuries

If you decide not to become one of the truck accident statistics and file a personal injury claim you should do so with the help of a car accident attorney in Atlanta. The coverage for your facial injuries can include: 



  • initial medical expenses;
  • follow-up surgeries;
  • follow-up doctors appointments;
  • lost income;
  • disfigurement;
  • mental anguish; and
  • pain and suffering. 

The state can limit the amount of time you have to file a claim so don’t wait to speak with a car accident attorney in Atlantawho will use truck accident statistics and other information to help you win your case. 

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