The purpose of automobile bumpers is to absorb the shock of low speed accidents and to prevent or reduce damage to the vehicles involved in those collisions.  A new study by The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has found that bumpers on SUV’s are located too high off the ground to prevent damage when an SUV collides with a smaller vehicle. 
IIHS conducted front-into-rear crash tests of seven pairs of 2010-2011 models of SUV’s and cars.  In each test a car and the smallest SUV from the same manufacturer were used.
When an SUV hit the rear of a stopped car at 10 miles per hour, combined damage estimates for the two vehicles ranged from $2,995 to $7,444.  When a Nissan Rogue SUV was crashed into the rear of a Nissan Sentra, the collision caused $7,444 in property damage. Honda’s CR-V hitting a Honda Civic resulted in the least damages; a total of $2,995.
When a car hits the rear of an SUV, the combined damage can range from $3,601 to $9,867.  A Toyota Corolla hitting a Toyota RAV4 caused $9,867 in damages, while a Hyundai Motor Co. Kia Forte crashing into a Hyundai Tucson resulted in $3,601 in damages.
If the bumpers hit each other, the property damage would be greatly reduced.
Federal automobile regulations require that all cars to have rear and front bumpers that protect the area 16 inches to 20 inches from the ground, but these regulations don’t apply to SUVs. The authors of the study say that bumpers on sport-utility vehicles should be lowered in order to reduce property damage to both vehicles in car-SUV crashes.
This is not a new idea.  In 2008, the IIHS petitioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to regulate bumpers on SUVs and pickups to be at the same height as bumpers on cars. But, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, a group of 11 automakers, said such a regulation would “significantly reduce the functionality and versatility of these vehicles.”
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