On October 14, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released its 2011 booster seat ratings. The IIHS rates booster seats based on proper fit.


Car seat belts are designed for adults and can cause serious injury to children. If the seat belt is not properly positioned during an Atlanta car crash, a child may slide under the seat belt and sustain serious abdominal injuries. The sliding is known as submarining, and research shows that children who are in a booster seat are far less likely to submarine in an Atlanta car wreck than children who use a seat belt without a booster seat.


A booster seat works by elevating the child and positioning the car seat belt so the child can use the car seat belt safely. Although no crash tests were performed, proper fit is an important indicator of how well a booster seat will perform in an Atlanta motor vehicle crash.


A total of 62 booster seat models were rated. Thirty-one booster seats, a record number, were designated "Best Bets." These seats will correctly position a seat belt on a typically sized four to eight-year-old child in nearly all cars, minivans or SUVs.


Five more booster seats were rated "Good Bets" because they position seat belts correctly in most vehicles. The majority of seats were designated "check fit" because they will work well in some vehicles, but not in others. If you own one of these seats, it is important that you check the seat belt fit on your child in your vehicle.


Unfortunately, six booster seats were rated "not recommended" because they do not properly position the seat belt and could put a child at risk of injury in an Atlanta traffic accident.


The 6 booster seats not recommended are:

  1. Evenflo Sightseer

  2. Evenflo Generations 65

  3. Evenflo Express

  4. Evenflo Chase

  5. Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite

  6. Safety 1st All-in-One


A top-rated car seat doesn't have to be expensive. While some seats do cost over $200, the Cosco Pronto sells for $25 and the Harmony Youth Booster is available for about $15. Atlanta car crash lawyer Shane Smith has posted a list of top-rated car seats for all budgets


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