In November, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) released its “Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving Fifth Anniversary Report to the Nation.” The report graded each state on its effort to reduce drunk driving accidents and deaths. The states were rated on a five-star scale, with five stars being the best possible rating and one star being the lowest. States were rated on each of the following drunk driving countermeasures:

  • Requiring ignition interlocks for all convicted drunk drivers, even first-time offenders;
  • Conducting regular sobriety checkpoints;
  • Legislating enhanced penalties for those who drive drunk while there are children in the vehicle;
  • Requiring blood-alcohol testing with “no-refusal” for those suspected of drunk driving;
  • Revoking licenses of drunk driving offenders.

Each of these five countermeasures has been shown to significantly reduce drunk driving accidents. 

Five states earned a five-star rating: Arizona, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, and Utah. Five states earned a one-star rating: Montana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and South Dakota.

How did Georgia rate? Georgia received an average three-star rating. While the state has made some efforts to reduce the number of Georgia DUI crashes, more can be done to prevent Georgia drunk driving deaths. Georgia received points for requiring ignition interlock devices on the vehicles of repeat drunk drivers, but lost points for not requiring the device to be used by first-time offenders. The average first-time DUI offender has driven drunk 87 times before his arrest.

Georgia also lost points for not passing “no-refusal” laws. No-refusal policies require drivers who are suspected of drunk driving to either submit to blood-alcohol testing or lose their license.

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